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Coasting with Tieline 3G

 Ralph Gourley from Adelaide's Coast FM

 Presenter Ralph Gourley from Adelaide's Coast FM

88.7 Coast FM in Adelaide recently unveiled a new vision that would see it get out into the community to broadcast on a much more regular basis.

Glenn Mibus, Coast FM's Outside Broadcast technician and an IT and data network professional, was charged with finding a cost-effective and portable solution. "We were very happy with our original Tieline POTS codecs so we were keen to try out the G3 codec range with stereo and wireless broadband capabilities," he said.

"I was pleased to find that most of the settings we would use can be programmed as defaults," Glenn said. "This is great because all we need to do is provide power to the codec and we are ready to connect and broadcast in an instant."

"Tieline codecs can be configured as a traditional fixed OB, or they can be mounted into a rack in a vehicle or portable road-case. The most exciting part is being able to use them as a roving unit to broadcast live from literally anywhere over wireless 3G."

"It is very easy to dial and connect over wireless 3G and the quality is fantastic with low delay," he said. "The Tieline solution provides all the elements we need - portability, high quality stereo audio and it also eliminates our previous requirement for a technical person at the studio during an OB."

"I also had a great experience using Tieline's technical support," he remarked. "Greg Charman at Tieline's phone-in helpdesk patiently helped me to fully understand how to get the most out of the equipment with the least effort."

"Overall I had no hesitation in recommending the Tieline G3 codecs for the station."

"Having the Tieline system in place makes gaining sponsorship a breeze," said Chris Carpenter, Sponsorship Manager of 88.7 Coast FM. "The big dollar enticement is in performing an outside broadcast from a sponsor's premises or at an event such as the Royal Show."

"The mobility of the Tieline system allows interviews on the move, such as in a train, bus or car - in fact it provides the flexibility to do a mobile broadcast anywhere," Chris said. "The Tieline codecs provide us with flexibility, superb on-air clarity, mobility and functionality - all in a lightweight package and at a very affordable price."