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Configuration of Netgear AC340U for AT&T Beam


Procedure for Configuring Netgear AC340U for AT&T Beam

To use the Netgear AC340U with the ViA codec over the AT&T Beam network it is necessary to run version firmware in the modem. Following is the procedure to downgrade firmware in the AC340U USB modem if the firmware is or higher. Note: the ViA codec needs to have firmware v2.16.46 or higher installed to use this modem.

Important Note: Use a Windows 7 PC (or earlier) running AT&T AllAccess software to verify the firmware in your modem. Click here to download and install this firmware.

  1. Install AllAccess and connect your AC340U modem to your PC.

  2. Verify if the AC340U modem is using version firmware or higher.

  3. If version is installed then you need to downgrade to version firmware.

  4. If the AC340U has version installed then it is only necessary to run AT&T Beam Patch version 4 software.

Download and Install AC340U v. Firmware and Patch v.4

  1. Click here to download version and downgrade the AT&T Beam AC340U modem.

  2. From the same page download the AC340U patch version 4 and run this to install the patch. Please note that instructions for applying the patch are contained in the ZIP file.