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Note: this accessory has been Recently Retired. Please contact Tieline or your Dealer for more information.

------ New ISDN Module

The Euro ISDN G3 module can be used in most countries outside North America and for all satellite ISDN connections. It can also be used over ISDN networks in the USA in conjunction with an S/T to U ISDN adapter. Click here for more details on using the Tieline Euro ISDN G3 module.


  • Codecs must connect using firmware version 1.6.46 or higher.
  • Codecs outside North America must connect directly to an NT‐1 device installed by the
    Telco, which converts the 2‐wire ISDN U interface into a 4‐wire S/T interface.


Requirements for North America:

  • Codecs within North America must connect using an NT1B‐300TC S/T to U adapter (supplied
    by Tieline with the Euro ISDN G3 module in North America).
  • Attach power to the S/T to U adapter and a cable between the Euro ISDN G3 module in the
    codec and the “S/T 1” connection on the adapter.
  • Attach a cable from the “U Line” out connection on the S/T to U adapter to the Telco
  • Switch the termination switch on the S/T to U adapter to 100Ω. See the Installation
    Instructions for the NT1B‐300TC S/T to U adapter for more detailed information on its use
    and safe operation.



BRI 64\128 KB which supports G.711, G.722, Tieline Music and Mpeg Layer 2 Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo and Joint Stereo