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Note: this accessory has been Recently Retired. Please contact Tieline or your Dealer for more information.

The POTS Module is Required for making connections over the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Analog Telephone Lines. Simply plug the module into a free expansion slot on your Tieline codec and you are away.

Use a single POTS module for up to 15kHz mono audio over POTS. Combine two POTS modules and use two telephone lines to send your program to two destinations, or use one channel for program and the other for off-air comms or data. Bond two POTS channels for phase-locked stereo.

Each POTS Module has one POTS modem on-board.

------ POTS G3 Front View


Supports low bit-rate Tieline Music algorithm connections.

Part Number: TLPOTSG3

Important Note: 

Phone lines are being removed or superseded in many regions and traditional copper (POTS/PSTN) lines are often replaced by a range of IP over fiber alternatives. Migrating to these services with POTS codecs may be successful if the service supports a traditional fax machine. In many situations bandwidth over these networks is too limited even if connections are possible.