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--- G3 Software Bundle

Only valid for codecs sold before Sept 2008

Originally IP Streaming was a feature sold separately for the G3 Product range. these codecs allowed you to trial the IP feature in demo mode that would expire after a limited time.

As IP Streaming became more popular in the industry we made the change to include IP streaming in our G3 range as standard.

This software bundle includes:

  • IP Streaming: 

    Connect to IP enabled codecs over the internet via the codec’s LAN connector or optional Tieline wireless IP modules. Audio over IP is more flexible, cheaper to upgrade and just as reliable as older network technologies through the use of Tieline’s SmartStream IP technologies. Use Tieline IP audio codecs to design and operate more adaptable audio networks with streamlined workflows and reduced operating costs.

  • Matrix: 

    Use the ToolBox Software Matrix Editor to customize how you route your audio through the codec and tailor settings for your unique requirements.

  • Failover: 

    Automatic failover delivers “hot” backup over multiple network transports (e.g. IP, ISDN, POTS etc.). It allows you to simultaneously stream audio over any combination of supported transports.

How to check if my codec is IP Enabled:

To check to see if your codec is IP Enabled Please navigate to:

menu> unit details and scroll down the screen. If “IP Enabled” and “Matrix Enabled” appear on the list then your unit already has these features installed. 

If your codec is not have IP Enabled you will need to purchase this software bundle from Tieline. 

How to Purchase

Please contact Tieline sales with your codecs serial number.

Part Number:


Note: We require the serial number of your codec.

What happens next

We need the serial number of your codec so we can generate an activation code which we will email to you. 

How to activate

Click here for instructions on how to enter the activation code.